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Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey – K16 -8.8 oz.


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Manuka honey is an amazing New Zealand superfood with multiple uses in home remedies, beauty regimes, in active lifestyles or in the kitchen. Manuka honey is hazelnut in color falling into the Dark Amber category on the Pfund color grading system. Smelling Manuka for the first time you will quickly discover the subtle notes of fresh rain and caramelized sugar.

New Zealand in a jar. The flavor is equally impressive, as the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue. Your taste buds will come alive as they recognize earthy notes and caramelized sugars with hints of pepper and ginger.

Always raw and unpasteurized to maintain the naturally-occurring health properties inherent in this special honey. KFactor 16 indicates that 75% of the pollen in our honey is guaranteed to contain pollen grains that are specific to the Manuka flower.


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